Euro Austria

JLSite_euroAustria_logoEuro Austria Commemorative is an Android application to manage your Euro Austria Commemorative coin collection from your mobile phone. (Google Play)

Euro Austria Commemorative offers you the possibility of manage your Euro Austria Commemorative coin collection taking into consideration the different face values.

A complete Euro Austria Commemorative coin database is available inside this application, including the mintage of each coin.

The main window offers a quick view of the different values. Click menu/search  to access to the search view. and click menu/statistics  to access to the statistics view.


A click over the face value image provides access to the face value coins window with provide the Euro Austria Commemorative coins categorized by the year. A long click over a coin shows information relative to the coin..

Press "menu" and click over "resume" to access to the resume view.


A click over a coin to access to the coin conservation and cost window where you can include the number of collected coins according to its conservation state and the cost of it. Moreover in this window it is possible switch the coin view between the observe and the reverse.


The application also includes: a simple backup management functionality.